Why I Meal Plan with E-Meals (#BlogEverydayinSept)

September 8, 2014
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When Nick and I first started living together, I have to admit that my cooking skills were… well, a little less than stellar. My idea of a meal was baking some chicken breasts slathered in Italian dressing and pouring a can of corn into a bowl and microwaving it. Not exactly five star (or even 3 star, really) cooking. After moving to Texas and having a part time job temporarily, it allowed me to practice my cooking skills and become more inventive in the kitchen. But it wasn’t until just a few months into this new lifestyle that I realized a very big thing: cooking is HARD. And even worse, it’s EXPENSIVE. I knew there had to be a better way to cut down on what we were spending. That’s when I started to meal plan.
Every weekend, I sit down with a schedule for the week and plan a meal for each night. To be honest, I wanted to do this to help with the amount we were spending at the grocery store. I used to just walk willy-nilly into a store and just throw things in my cart, hoping to come up with a cohesive meal at some point. That’s the worst thing I could have done. Once I started meal planning, my grocery bill was reduced each week. Unfortunately I was relying on Pinterest to help me come up with ideas each week and they aren’t the most budget friendly. I needed another option.
I attended Blissdom in March 2012 and learned about eMeals during my time there. It works like this: you sign up for a meal plan and have it sent to your inbox every week. Pretty ingenious, right? Since we received a free trial of the program as an attendee of Blissdom, I started using the program almost right away and have stuck to it for about a year. Obviously I wanted to try it out and make sure that I loved it before I shared it with you all. And by George, I am in love with eMeals.
Not only are you able to select from different plans that include breakfast, lunch and dinner, but you can also choose a type of cuisine you’d like. They have everything from Clean Eating (what we chose at the beginning) to Paleo (what we’re currently using) to low fat and much more. Plus, you can set it to scale the meals depending on the number of people in your family. With only Nick and I, we don’t need food for 6-8 people, like traditional websites give in their recipes. It’s the perfect amount of food for the two of us, often with a bit of leftovers for lunch the next day.
It took a little while for us to choose the plan that worked best for us. We went through about three of the plans before we decided to go with the clean eating option. We just switched to the Paleo option this week since we’re doing a “soft launch” of this “Whole 30” thing. (I say “soft launch” because we’re going on vacation next week, and trying to do that on vacation might not work.)
I love the way that the recipes often work with each other, with meat from a meal earlier in the week used in a recipe later in the week. I’m also amazed by the fact that after almost a year of using the program, not once have I seen a recipe repeat itself. That’s impressive!
**All opinions in this post are my own! I’m not being paid to write this and E-Meals doesn’t know I’m bragging about them. I just love them that much!**
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