About Whitney

Whitney Hough - Lifestyle Blogger - Charlotte, NCWhitney Hough is a blogger, arts advocate, and new mom living in the suburbs of Charlotte, North Carolina. After a four year stint in Houston, Texas, she and her husband (plus three fur kids) laid down roots and purchased a new home in 2016.

Her blog, The Observant Turtle was created in 2011. Originally intended to be a blog on southern culture, it transitioned once learning about the niche of lifestyle blogging. After leaving her home state of South Carolina and moving to Texas in 2012, she dove into the blogging world head first. In addition to growing her blog community while in Texas, she helped create, establish and plan a blog conference and continues to enjoy bringing creatives together.

Home Sweet Hough debuted in February 2019, shortly after returning to work following the birth of their first child, Maggie, in October.

She enjoys reading, shopping, doing some amateur handlettering and photography, and figuring out ways to decorate our new home.

Questions? Comments? Shoot me an email at observantturtle.blog (at) gmail (dot) com.