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October 21, 2013

You might notice around these parts that I don’t often do weekend recap posts. Sure, I like reading them on other blogs, but honestly? Mine would be very similar each weekend. And why is that? Because I usually work once or twice each weekend. But I sure can’t complain, because I have the best job ever.

 Me and Meg last year at Jason Aldean/Luke Bryan

Back in Sept. 2012 I left my job at a beauty company (that will remain nameless on the blog because I harbor so much resentment towards that place) and started my dream job: a social media and marketing coordinator at a performing arts venue. It was the job I wanted ever since I experienced my first internship at Blumenthal Performing Arts in Charlotte while I was in college. It’s hands-on, doesn’t require you to sit in your chair 100% of the time, you get cool perks (like being able to go to shows/concerts for free) and you’re often doing some sort of community outreach.

When I applied for the job, I honestly didn’t think I’d get it. I had applied for hundreds of jobs (no joke) and wasn’t called back for any of them. But my persistence paid off and I was eventually offered the job. The venue is known for hosting concerts, but our main focus is the promotion of the performing arts events that we host each summer.

Now, when I tell people where I work, the first thing they ask is: “do you get to go to all of the shows?” Yes, I do. I work each concert by taking photo and video for the venue. Then, people want to ask if I get to meet celebrities. The answer to that would be a big, fat NO. In fact, if I tried to walk backstage during a concert, I’d likely get in pretty big trouble. Of course the third thing they as is, “can you get me tickets to a concert?” I usually answer that with something like, “you think I have much more authority than I actually do!”

I’ve learned so much working in a live music venue, but most importantly, it’s made me a more respectful concert-goer. I want to share with you all some things I’ve learned about attending concerts in the year since I started my job:

– Stop recording the whole freaking show on your phone. You might not realize it, but you’re blocking the view of at least 5 people behind you. Just stop. It’s rude. (also applies to taking photos every two seconds. Be respectful.)

– Getting sloppy drunk is really not ever cute, but why would you pay upwards of $50-75 for a ticket to see a concert and then risk the chance of not remembering it? Save yourself the money and get schwasted at home.

– Yelling out song titles won’t get the artist to play the song. Most bands have a setlist that they don’t deviate from the entire tour. If it’s a hit, they’ll likely play it. Want to know what songs they will play in advance? Check out setlist.fm. They will probably have it there.

– If you’re going to an outdoor concert, dress for the weather. Take two seconds and check the forecast. It probably isn’t a good idea to wear booty shorts and a tied-up plaid shirt to a country concert when it’s 55 degrees outside. (Yes, that happened. I saw it last October.)

– Hanging out near the door to try and get backstage isn’t going to get you anywhere other than thrown out. Don’t do it.

– No, you can’t buy merchandise without buying a ticket to the concert. If you want a shirt, go to the band’s website.

– Nine times out of ten, the headliner isn’t going to start playing until well after the time on your ticket. Check out the website or Facebook page of the venue that you’re going to and they might have the set times posted. If you’re not rushing to general admission seating, take your time and plan accordingly.

– While you’re there looking at set times, look and see what the policies are on the items that you can and can’t bring in. We have a grassy seating area but you aren’t able to bring in your own lawn chairs. But guess what? Most venues allow you to bring in your own food now! Take advantage of this information and use it.

Even before I started my job I was a frequent concert-goer and still consider it one of my favorite things to do, even if I have been to over 40 concerts since I started my job last year! These tips will definitely help you.

Do you have any concert-going tips to share?
What’s your favorite concert you’ve ever attended?

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