Welcome to the Family, Jack!

December 21, 2015

(I can’t believe I’m writing this post two months after Jack joined our family!)

About a year ago I started casually (read: not so casually) dropping hints to Nick about adding another fur member to the household. I also felt like we needed to get some additional testosterone in the house, so a little boy puppy seemed to be just the ticket.

A friend of mine fosters rescues and she posted a photo of an adorable new foster puppy that she just picked up. (She’s actually Anabelle’s foster mom too!) As usual, I swooned and begged Nick for us to meet him. Surprisingly, he was okay with it (after a little while at least…) and as soon as we met Jack we KNEW that he was perfect for our family.

Jack and Nick

With Anabelle being my first dog ever, we truly caught a break with her. She was calm, rarely barked and even though she didn’t like to cuddle, was super affectionate in other ways. She never bothered Susie and Susie was pretty okay with her. Jack… well, he was the complete opposite of Anabelle. His favorite things include:

  • chasing the cat
  • eating everything in sight
  • pooping
  • wrestling with Anabelle
  • sitting on my lap
  • sitting on Nick’s lap
  • pooping
  • biting my arms
  • biting my legs
  • licking himself
  • playing fetch
  • chasing his tail

Basically a typical puppy, right? Well, Anabelle was anything but a typical puppy. So our worlds were a little rocked with this rambunctious little boy. I have loved him every single minute. It really feels like our family is complete now.

Jack and Anabelle

Jack the Gentleman

When we got him, he was 19 lbs. and now he is up to 30! He’s growing so fast. If it’s hard to stand a puppy growing up, I don’t know how I’m going to handle a kid growing up.

Welcome to the family, Jack! We’re so excited to have you.

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