Wedding Post #3: The Reception

January 8, 2012

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you all have had as much of a relaxing day as I have so far.

The Reception
The venue for our reception was the Indigo Hall in Spartanburg, SC. I cannot say enough good things about this place! Nick and I both really wanted a venue where everyone could see each other, the food, and the dance floor, all while having the option to enjoy themselves outside. I fell in love with the exposed rafters in the ceiling, the brick walls, and the large staircase (where the photo was shot).
This is another one of my favorite shots from the wedding. I love the colorful dresses in the background (thanks ladies! haha) and the look that Nick and I both have on our faces. One thing that I did NOT want to happen was to have the super sappy and
depressing dances at my wedding. I made sure to pick songs that would not bring me and the rest of the crowd to tears for a good fifteen minutes. Nick and I danced to Little Big Town’s “To Know Love.” Nick actually chose it!
Did I mention how much I loved the wooden floors?! The rustic yet classy feel to the place was perfect. Let me mention, make sure you can dance in your dress! I will expand on that a little later. My dad and I danced to “My Girl.” He wanted to dance to “Butterfly Kisses” and I said HECK NO. I didn’t want the whole place to be a sobbing mess, haha.
I am so proud of the way our centerpieces turned out! Everything here was either purchased or made by me or my mom. I bought the square vases, candle holders, and tealights at IKEA for very cheap and the table number holders from Hobby Lobby. (We spent quite a lot of time and money at Hobby Lobby– most of the time their wedding stuff is 50% off!!) The table numbers were actually printed off of Martha Stewart’s website and there are a few variations. My mom made the flower arrangements with flowers and moss purchased from Garden Ridge. I think she did a great job!

For our guest favors, we decided to do a candy bar. We had mints, gumballs, skittles, sixlets, and an assorted mix of candy. Everyone loved it and kept updating their Facebook pages talking about the candy, haha! I made all of the labels myself and the vases were either ones we already had or purchased from IKEA. 
 Here I am with my beautiful bridesmaids (the maid of honor was missing! She went to buy car paint!). Nick and I got the idea from our awesome DJ that the first real “dancing” song should be started by the wedding party. So everyone got up and we danced to “Forever” by Chris Brown (chosen because it was featured on the wedding episode of The Office, duh! hehe). By the time the song had ended, the floor was packed and everyone was dancing! It’s a great way to break the ice and not put the pressure on someone to be the first one dancing.

We did have a wedding cake for the ceremonial cutting, and a few pieces for eating, but we also had a cheesecake bar! This was such a smash hit with everyone. We had plain cheesecake and toppings to add. It wasn’t that much more and everyone seemed to enjoy it much more than simple cake!

 We loved the way that bubbles looked in photos, so we chose that as our exit. (We wanted sparklers but many venues don’t like that because of the fire hazard). This turned out great though. We had so much fun with this, especially because it was a “fake” exit. We did it simply for pictures in the light and so that older guests wouldn’t feel obliged staying the whole time. Once we got back inside, the party was at a whole other level and we danced the night away!
This was our final picture and you can see the joy on our faces! We had such an amazing time at the wedding and it would just not have been the same without our friends and family there. 
I had a great time planning it all, but I do wish that I had chosen a day-of coordinator. I was having to tell the DJ and photographers when we wanted to cut the cake and other activities and I wish I didn’t have that extra thing to do. But overall it turned out perfectly and nothing that I know of went totally wrong!
I hope you all have enjoyed having a little peek at my wedding :)
What was your favorite part of your wedding?
If you aren’t married, what is your favorite part of weddings?
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