Wedding Post #2: The Ceremony

January 7, 2012

Something happened to me this morning that just made me smile! I had a friend ask me to photograph her wedding. While I was totally honored, I knew that I just was not ready to do this yet. But, C, if you’re reading this, just so you know you made my day. I’m now going to try to save up and purchase a nice camera and start practicing more so that maybe one day I will be good enough to actually do this.

I hope you all are enjoying seeing the little details of my special day. Next I want to show you pictures from the ceremony and shortly after. Again, these photos were done by Kim Hunter Studio.

The Ceremony
 Once we started walking from the room where we were getting ready to the lobby, I almost passed out. It was so hot that day and I was so completely nervous. Here’s a tip to all of you that are getting married: if you are someone who gets extremely nervous, it would be a really good idea to do a “first look”. If I had seen Nick before the ceremony, I think I would have been a lot more calm than I was!
 Instead of having all of the groomsmen waiting at the altar with Nick, we decided to have them walk in with the bridesmaids. We alternated girls and guys, ending with my maid of honor. I thought this was somewhat different than a lot of other weddings!
 If you don’t decide to do a first look, make sure that your photographer gets a picture of the groom seeing you for the first time! This is one of my favorite pictures from our wedding and I love that this moment was captured from our special day.
I love this picture as well! It’s so nice to get an overhead view of everything that’s going on. Also, you can probably see that we didn’t decorate the church that much. With it’s beautiful stained glass and the tall ceilings, we only went with two flower arrangements and a table on the stage and bows on the pews. I was afraid it wouldn’t be enough at first but I think it turned out really well.
Most of all, don’t be afraid to be yourself! Nick and I are very goofy people and we didn’t want to seem like something that we weren’t in our pictures. We are making silly faces in a few pictures and it’s okay. You might be nervous so it definitely helps calm you down.
I’ll be back tomorrow for pictures from the reception!
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