Wedding Post #1: Before the Ceremony

January 6, 2012

Since I promised a series of wedding posts, here is the first one! Please ask lots of questions; I want to be a wedding coordinator one day so I would love to help you out.

After getting engaged in March of 2010, Nick and I had lots of decisions to make. Barely 12 hours after getting engaged, we had even been asked what our date was!

I could go on and on about how long it took to choose a date, colors, and venue, but I’d just like to highlight the photos from the day (courtesy of Kim Hunter Studio) and the background behind them.

Before the Ceremony
 My wedding colors were navy and pink. I knew that I wanted to have a colored shoe for that extra pop of color. I had considered buying a pair of bright pink Kate Spade shoes, but realized that most of the day my shoes would be covered. Comfort had to overcome my want for a name brand on this issue, so I ordered these from Nina Shoes and they matched the bridesmaids’ dresses perfectly!
I’m not exactly one to choose the best jewelry for an outfit, so one of my best friends Rebecca chose these earrings for Nick to give me before the wedding as a gift. They were from Kate Spade and worked so well with my dress.

I knew I needed something borrowed, blue, old, and new, so my mom offered to let me wear the garter that she wore in her wedding. But no worries, I had another one to throw (purchased for only $1 at Jo Ann! Why spend lots of money on something you are just going to throw?)
The bridesmaid dresses were from Magnolia’s Bridal in Greenville, but were made by Alfred Angelo. This midnight blue color was exactly what I was looking for. I even let my little flower girl wear her dress that she used from another wedding that year. No need to spend more!
When I started looking for my dress, I didn’t really know where to look except for David’s Bridal. So a friend and I went (I didn’t want it to be a whole ordeal, nor did I expect to find a dress on the first day) and the first dress that I tried on was the one I purchased. No other dresses came close. I knew I wanted something form fitting, but when I saw the dress on the mannequin I didn’t like it. Once I put it on, I knew it was the one!
Instead of having a book where guests simply sign their name, we decided to have a picture framed and have guests sign the canvas. Now we can hang it in our home and reminisce about that day.
One of the things I am proudest of from the wedding are the programs. They were pretty basic and formal, but I created them from scratch. I think they turned out great!
That’s all for today! I’ll be back tomorrow with photos from the ceremony. If you’d like to see all of them, please let me know and I will upload them to Flickr!
Until next time….
Wedding Post #2: The Ceremony
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