Unique Gift Ideas for Men And Women

February 6, 2017

I don’t know about you, but I struggle when I’m shopping for gifts. I want to get something that’s unique and personal without breaking the bank. For me, gift giving isn’t only in December. Between Valentine’s Day in February, my husband’s birthday in April, my sister’s birthday in June and our wedding anniversary in July, I’m basically buying gifts all year long.

In case you forgot, Valentine’s Day is next week and although not all couples celebrate the holiday, it’s kind of a big one for us since it’s first time I ever spent time with my husband nine years ago this year! He invited me out to dinner with some friends from class and I confessed to our classmates that I had a crush on him. Afterwards I went back to my dorm room and added him on Facebook and our courtship commenced. I consider Valentine’s Day the start of something very special, so I love the celebrate it every year.

One of my favorite places to find unique gifts online is Uncommon Goods. Not only is the selection out of this world, they have a mission that I truly believe in. Any company that is socially responsible, sustainable, and works to give back tops the list in my book. I’ve worked to create a list of my favorite gifts from Uncommon Goods for Men and Women, but there are tons of awesome collections on their site like gifts for bridesmaids or groomsmen or gifts for a housewarming party and more.

Gifts for Men

Uncommon Goods Men

My husband, the history lover and geek guy, would love any of the history-inspired gifts from Uncommon Goods, including the Declaration of Independence Tie, the Constitution Glass or the Presidential Soap Collection. He’s also a huge fan of mojitos and has a weird fascination with drinking every beverage out of a mug. I hope this necktie holder would serve him well when he’s traveling for work, and also hope that this beard pack would encourage him to grow his beard out (which he knows I love…)

Banned Book Morph Mug – $12 / Constitution of the United States Glass – $13 / Presidential Soap Collection – $28 /
Mojito Mixology Set – $30 / 
Declaration of Independence Tie – $49 / State Quarter Ring – $75 /
Beard Pack – $40 / Shark Socks – $10 / Necktie Travel Roll – $ 24 

Gifts for Women

Uncommon Goods Women

I’m all about comfort, so this Sari Robe immediately caught my type on the website! I recently got a new pair of glasses so this glasses holder would be perfect on my nightstand, right along side the jewelry holder. Does anyone else constantly wear a hair tie on their wrist? I do all the time and this bracelet would be a lifesaver for me (and my sore wrist!) I save all of our ticket stubs for movies, plays and concerts, so this stub holder is an awesome way to store my collection.

Upcycled Cotton Sari Robe – $58 / Pedestal Jewelry Holder – $48 / Owl Eyeglasses Holder – $24 /
Seafoam Bar Earrings – $40 / Ticket Stub Diary – $12 / 
Hand Heart Desktop Sculpture – $48 /
Je T’Aime Necklace – $58 / Convertible Teal Netting Tote – $78 / Hair Tie Bracelet – $45 

Do you struggle with gift buying too? What do you look for in a gift?

*This post has been sponsored by Uncommon Goods but all opinions expressed are my own.*

Unique Gift Ideas for Men and Women

  • That Constitution glass is so cool! Also I love the idea of a special place to keep ticket stubs.

    • Whitney H

      Since we see so many movies, I would love to keep them all in one spot. I’ve been collecting them for about 10 years!

  • My husband TOTALLY has those socks!!

    • Whitney H

      Great minds think alike! :)

  • BAHAHAHA SEE!! I KNEW IT! So my BIL & SIL gave us a joint stocking a few years ago. When I was pulling things out, I handed those shark socks to my hubs because “duh, they’re for men.” My BIL was like “NO! Those are for you!” So I have those shark socks. I actually wore them last Friday at Creative Mornings. TOO FUNNY!

    • Whitney H

      That’s awesome!! I love them too. I don’t really wear socks often, but Nick has totally gotten into a “fun socks” phase. I’m all for it!

  • Sara Holt

    I want one of those hair tie bracelets so bad!! & the men’s patterned socks are killing it this year! love those shark ones!

    • Whitney H

      If you’re anything like me, you constantly have a hair tie on your wrist… or a red mark from where one used to be!

  • These are definitely more unique than the usual Valentine gift guides I see circulating during this time of year! Great picks!

    • Whitney H

      Thanks Rachel! Hope you have a great week.

  • These are so great gifts, I would love any of these.

    • Whitney H

      Thanks Bella! Me too. Have a great week!

  • Greta Hollar

    Love your picks for guys! I always struggle finding a gift for my husband!

    Greta | http://www.gretahollar.com

    • Whitney H

      Thanks Greta! Me too, my husband is the kind of guy who never wants anything, so I have to be really creative!

  • Miss ALK

    Uncommon Goods really does have the most interesting things! A great option for those who are hard to gift for.

    xoxo A

    • Whitney H

      For sure! I’m not usually an online shopper but I’ll definitely go over to their website next time I need a gift.

  • The mug and socks for men are so cool and unique! Love those!

    • Whitney H

      Me too, Summer! Hope you have a great week.

  • I love Uncommon Goods. They have so many unique things.

    • Whitney H

      Me too, Jenny! It was so hard to pick out just a few things, I wanted to list them all!

  • Great round up! Uncommon goods has interesting stuff!

    Rachel | The Confused Millennial

    • Whitney H

      Thanks Rachel! They really do have an awesome site. Glad you liked it!

  • I love getting my boyfriend socks! He loves them too because he always loses them haha!

    • Whitney H

      Mine does too! Or our dog steals them… haha!

  • Ashley Mason

    I always get my boyfriend socks because he always loses his!

    • Whitney H

      Mine does too! Our dog also loves to steal them and chew on them, so we have to replace ours often, aha.

  • Jamie

    I have seen that hair tie bracelet everywhere, it’s so cute! Love that it is still girly, but has a purpose!
    Great gift guide!

    xx, Jamie

    • Whitney H

      Thanks Jamie! I hope I can snag that bracelet soon. It would really come in handy!

  • Victoria Stacey

    My bf and I love to get each other socks! I love the shark ones :)

    • Whitney H

      Me too Victoria! Hope you’re having a fantastic week.

  • Jen

    Those shark socks are pretty much the best things I have ever seen haha.

    • Whitney H

      Aren’t they?? I love them! I kind of want them for myself, haha!

  • These are all such great gift picks– definitely unique and out-of-the-box!

    • Whitney H

      Thank you Amanda! Hope you have a great week.

  • The shark socks are so cute omg haha. I love the hair tie bracelet too! I’ve been eyeing one for a while now!

    Kayla | kaylablogs.com