Topgolf Ladies Happy Hour Recap

July 10, 2015

*Disclosure: This post is in partnership with Topgolf.  All thoughts and opinions here are mine!

Tuesday night was the first ever Topgolf Summer Blogger Event Series! I am so honored to have been chosen with three other fantastic ladies to be the featured blogger for the evening.

The theme was “Ladies Happy Hour” and from the moment we walked in, it truly was “happy hour!” The event space was decked out for our special evening. Not to mention the delicious White Sangria that was given out… so good. I’m a sucker for a good sangria.

Topgolf Spring Event Space

Once everyone arrived, the party got started with a wine tasting and some appetizers. To be honest, I’ve never really understood wine tasting, but when it was explained to me, I actually started tasting the differences in wine! My favorite was the last Chardonnay we tried, pictured below. It was what they call “unoaked,” which means it was kept in stainless steel instead of oak. You can really taste how crisp it is. I really liked it!

Topgolf Spring Wine Tasting

Topgolf Spring Wine

Topgolf Spring Steak Flatbread

Of course the appetizers were to die for! This steak flatbread was the perfect combination of spicy and savory. I may or may not have eaten half of it buy myself. (Spoiler alert: I did. And it was amazing.) We also had Mooshi, Topgolf’s version of sushi, which I absolutely love but didn’t take a photo of this time.

Once the wine tasting was over, we walked out to our bays and started playing some golf. You guys, I am so proud of myself. I made it into the blue target on my FIRST SWING! Unfortunately my good luck did not continue on for the rest of the evening, only making it into the green and yellow targets once or twice. But obviously it was fun nonetheless!

Topgolf Spring View

While in the bays, the good food just kept on coming. We enjoyed the green chile mac and cheese, mini chicken sandwiches and chicken and waffle sandwiches for dinner. Then for dessert we had injectable donut holes (just as amazing as they sound) and these babies down below. These, my friends, are chocolate peanut butter cup cookies with marshmallow creme in the middle. I don’t think it’s possible for me to properly explain just how delicious this things are, so here’s what you need to do: mosey on over to your closest Topgolf and TREAT YOSELF. Because these were FANTASTIC. I had to limit myself to just one, and that was one of the hardest things ever.

Topgolf Spring Cookies

Topgolf Spring Bays

But even with all of the fun playing golf and the great food, the best part of the evening was being able to spend time with my blogger friends! It was so nice to see these ladies again and even meet some new friends as well. What was supposed to be a “happy hour” turned more into a “happy three-hours” and I’m not complaining one bit!

Topgolf Spring Group

Do you have a happy hour hot spot? Have you ever played Topgolf?

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