Top 5 Tuesday

February 8, 2012
Hi everyone! Just a few things before I dive into the Top 5 Tuesday for this week…
1) In case you don’t follow Texas Tanners (which you should) I won $40 to Marley Lilly in a giveaway! I couldn’t help it and bought something as soon as I got the gift code. I don’t want to spoil the surprise just yet on what I got, but I’ll be sure to post a picture once I get it. Thanks again Michelle! You rock!
2) Thanks for all of your input on what to get Nick for Valentine’s Day! I’m still struggling to decide (I forgot to mention that I’m basically broke, so that puts a damper on things) but I have a few solid ideas.
3) If any of you saw my Twitter posts earlier today, you’ll know that I was trying on tons of things in TJ Maxx. I got in line with my purchases, but then felt so guilty I ended up getting out of line and put them back. I can’t wait until I have extra money to shop again…
4) Make sure you check out all of Faison‘s amazing giveaways! You still have time to enter.
5) I realized that I hardly ever post pictures of myself here! Here’s a picture from work today to prove that I am, in fact, a real person:
And yes, I am aware that I look like a twelve year old.

Just Peachy

Since I basically wear the same thing every day, I’m excited to link up with Rachel and show you what these items are!

 5 Most Worn Items:

1. Mossimo Ponte Seam Leggings
(find them here)

I cannot tell you how often I wear these things!
(yes I can… try almost everyday)
They’re much thicker than normal leggings, so it’s okay to wear them as pants… right?
Anyway, they are amazingly comfortable and go great with boots, flats, or, as pictured above, with heels (which I also own that exact pair).

2. Pearl stud earrings
(found… everywhere. I got mine at Macy’s)

What Southern girl would be complete without the basic pearl earrings?
I absolutely love mine and wear them all the time. They make even pjs look classy.
I can’t believe I went 21 years without having my ears pierced!

  3. J. Crew Factory Cardigan(s)
 (visit your local J. Crew factory store or online on the weekends)
I put an ‘s’ at the end because I have 3 of these babies: green, purple, and creamsicle. 
I’d be lying if I didn’t say it was extremely hard to find variety in this list instead of all J. Crew stuff seeing as I’m obsessed, but I wear these most often. So comfortable and flattering!

  4. Lauren Conrad Blazer from Kohls
 (purchased on clearance a while back)
If Texas actually had a winter, I’d be wearing this thing everyday.
I don’t mean to be cocky, but every time I’ve worn it, I’ve gotten tons of compliments.
It’s the perfect mix of office and party; I’ve worn it to my internship and transitioned into an after-work party perfectly. My favorite thing to pair it with is a fuschia tissue turtleneck, tights, a black pencil skirt, and boots. Perfect for South Carolina autumn nights. 

 5. TOMS shoes
(find them here) 

I probably post more about TOMS than any other blogger that you follow.
Sorry bout that.
It’s only because I love them so darn much. They have so many different patterns. They’re pretty cute. They’re so comfy. They help other people. I could go on and on.
I currently have 3 pairs: a cranberry corduroy pair, gray canvas, and brown tweed.

What are your top 5 most worn? 
Link up with us or share in a comment below!

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