To Santa

December 16, 2013

Dear Santa,

How’s it going? It’s been quite a while… almost a year! Thanks for being so awesome last Christmas. Being able to spend a weekend in May geeking out with my husband over out favorite nerdy television show was probably one of the coolest gifts that I could have gotten. Also, that plaid scarf from Old Navy sure saved me from freezing to death on my trip to Philadelphia in January and South Carolina this past Thanksgiving, so thanks for that!

This year, I have to admit that I’ve been a pretty good girl overall. The thing is, Nick gave me one of the prettiest gifts ever on my birthday with that rose gold Fossil watch and I’ve had my eye on the perfect Kate Spade bangle to along with it for quite a while. Since I’ve been such a good girl, don’t you think that I deserve it?

Shortly after we started dating, Nick also gave me a sweet little ring that I’ve been wearing on my right hand and I love it! But the truth is, my fingers have grown a little bit and I’d love something to replace it with. This Kate Spade ring would be the perfect addition!

Santa, I’ve been such a good wife this year and done a great job improving my cooking skills, but I seem to be missing one key piece in my kitchen: an oven-proof skillet. Help me make some more yummy dishes to keep the husband happy with this skillet, will ya?

You can thank Alexa for this gift idea: this South Carolina Y’all Tee is the perfect thing for this Carolina girl living in Texas. I gotta represent out here, right?

Basically, anything from J. Crew would be totally fine with me. It seems like we’re actually having a winter here in Texas this year (although nothing compared to the North Pole I’m sure) so I’d love a cute sweater or vest like these.

I’ve also gotten a few really cute pairs of pajamas over the years, but let’s be real: they don’t fit like they used to thank to a little thing I like to call “gaining weight.” Whatevs. These cute puppy pajamas from Target are adorable and need to be mine. Think you can do that, Santa?

In conclusion, I’m easy to please and you’ve done a pretty darn good job over the past few years so keep up the good work, Santa. This year all of my big ‘wants’ were filled (nice watch, iPad) so I’m not looking for anything to break the bank… (although if you wanted to buy me a bedroom set, I wouldn’t argue with you)

What’s on your wishlist this year?

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