To Resolve or Not?

January 5, 2015

I’m writing this post by the light of the second fire in our fireplace. It feels calming and the perfect atmosphere for me to try to sort out what’s going through my head and heart at the moment. 

Everything I’ve read recently has been about resolutions and goals for 2015. Some even choose words or phrases to define the year. I’m in a bit of a strange place at the moment. There are so many ways that I can improve and I have so many goals:
Eat better. Try to eat “clean” and stay clear of processed foods including my weaknesses, soda and chocolate.
Exercise more. I need to work out at least three times a week. I know that seems little low, but I’m not working out at all at the moment, so something’s better than nothing, right?
Blog more. I love writing and communicating with all of you, so I need to set an editorial calendar and be more organized with what I put out.
Keep my temper in check. If you know me “IRL,” you know I can be a bit of a sassy pants. While this can be cute and endearing, it can also bite me in the butt, especially when it comes to the husband. I need to keep myself calm and realize that some things are just not a big deal. I just need to take a breath and count to ten.
Those are just four of the many, many ways that I want to improve. But here’s something that I’ve noticed over the past few days: what is it about starting a new year that makes us feel inadequate? Why do we feel like there are so many things that we need to do differently? Sure, new year, new start. I get it. But why can’t our resolution be to love ourselves the way we are?
So even though I’m going to work on improving these things in my daily life, I’m also going to work on loving who I am. To not compare myself to those at a different stage in their journey. To realize that dwelling on the things that I don’t have isn’t healthy. To appreciate what I do have and take the time to think about those blessings every day. 
Can we all resolve these things?
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