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July 30, 2012

Before I introduce you to one of my sponsors for the month, I’d like to announce the winner for the Stella & Dot giveway!

Congrats Kristin B!
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I can’t wait for you all to meet Annie, one of my sponsors for the month. I hope her post inspires you as it did me!

the little girl who danced, second from left
dancing to “love shack.” i’m in the black dress with the curly hair.
dancing to “single ladies” in spain. i’m on the left.

I’m told the story of a little girl.

I’m told the story of a little girl who, whenever she saw musicians playing, would walk right up in front of them and dance, regardless of where she was or who was there.

I’m told I was that little girl.


There’s a girl who went to her cousin’s wedding last fall and sat impatiently through the bride’s dances with her new husband and father, and the groom’s dance with her mother. The dance floor was empty when the next song started. And Latin blood doesn’t sit well when there’s a strong beat setting that blood’s pulse, so she dragged her brother’s girlfriend out onto the dance floor with her.

Another cousin watched them go and said, “I thought Annie was shy.”


A friend asked if I remembered the dance party we’d had my first year of college. I remembered it, sure enough.

“And we did the dance to ‘Love Shack,’” she said. “You taught us, remember?”

As if the little girl who danced and the girl who started the dancing at my cousin’s reception weren’t in my past, I said, “I did?”

And when I finally remembered, I remembered not only that I’d done it, but that it hadn’t seemed like a big deal, as if shy people just jump up and teach twenty-some people the dance to “Love Shack” as a matter of course.


Maybe I’m the only one who thinks of her self of childhood days and wishes there were a way to reclaim a piece of that.

Then again, maybe I’m not.

Maybe we all need to find that one thing that expresses our passion, our zest, our joie de vivre, even if the rest of the time, we’re not so expressive.

For me? That’s dancing. So when I went to Spain to teach English, I taught my students the “Cupid Shuffle” and we made up a dance to “Single Ladies,” even though embarrassing myself like a mad fool is on the list of Things Annie Does Not Do.

(There’s videographic proof of both those things, but I’m keeping that under wraps. ;] )

Maybe you like to dance, like me. Maybe you sing, maybe you paint, maybe you organize or wax eloquent about nutrition or investigate the answers to questions no one else asks.

And maybe it makes you look like a fool in the process, but even if it does, can I beg you to keep doing that? Because we need that. We need that spark that comes when you set aside the to-do list to do what you do best. We need the fireworks when you reach a milestone or complete a project.

We need, desperately, the fire that sets us ablaze when we do what makes us come alive.

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