Throwback Thursday:
Childhood Celebrity Crushes (#blogeverydayinSept)

September 4, 2014
Alright y’all. I’m all about some nostalgia, and we’re about to party like it’s 1999. What better way to celebrate Throwback Thursday than to reminisce about our childhood celebrity crushes?
I don’t think I could possibly start off this post any way other than admitting to you all that when I was a toddler (not a child, a TODDLER) I had a strange obsession with Travis Tritt. Now that I’m looking at photos to include, I’m kind of ashamed to admit this in the first place. Yikes. #redneck


Okay, let’s move on. Quickly…

These fine gentlemen known as *NSYNC were my obsession from the time their Disney Channel concert special aired in 1998 until JT’s first solo album, when I realized we would likely never see them together again. As you can imagine, last year’s VMAs was like a freakin’ dream come true. Obviously we all had our favorites. As much as I loved Justin, JC was my favorite. Mostly cause my sister claimed Justin and I had to choose someone else to love. But when I saw them on tour and Joey was only three feet from me, I almost died. I love them all.

I want to say that I had a crush on all of the Lawrence brothers, but let’s be real. The little one was annoying. The two older guys? Hell-ooooo. I’ll totally admit to watching “Melissa and Joey” on mute just to watch Joey Lawrence. No shame in my game.

Obviously my childhood was pretty influenced by Disney and TGIF. (I’m an 80s baby but a child of the 90s, what can I say?) Brink was one of my favorite Disney Original TV Movies, and Erik Von Detten was the #1 reason. Just look at that hair! And Rider Strong? Boy Meets World was one of my favorite shows, and still is. Something about those pouty lips and bad boy image… 
Scott Weinger was known for playing Steve on Full House, but I loved him mostly because he voiced Aladdin in the animated movie and every time I heard him talk on the show, I pictured my favorite Disney movie. Shane West was a late comer, I don’t think I got into him until the 6th-ish grade or so. But again, the bad boy thing and pouty lips got me. 
Is there a girl in this world that DIDN’T have a crush on JTT? I’ll
admit it, the only reason I watched The Lion King for a while was to
hear his voice. And after he grew up and turned into Matthew Broderick? I
turned that ish off.
You’re welcome for this dose of beautiful nostalgia. Do you share any of these crushes? Don’t forget to link up your blog post below!

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