Throwback Thursday – Back to School

August 21, 2014

I don’t know about you, but I’m totally envious of all of this ‘back to school’ talk everywhere. I miss every single moment of it.

Walking into a class for a first time and discovering that your crush is in the same class.
Writing down test dates and planning out schedules.

Lunch, senior year: 2007

Getting excited when all of your friends have the same lunch period as you.
Getting even more excited when your little sister has the same lunch period as you.
Dressing out for game day.
Selling programs at the football games with the other JV cheerleaders.
Walking the aisles in the library and sprawling across the floor between them to read.

Volunteering at the library, senior year: 2007

Venturing out in yearbook class to take photos and do interviews.
Figuring out ways to get around the internet filter to get on Myspace.
Waiting until the last second to write my papers.
Getting our class rings.
Talking to my friends on AIM and saving the conversations.
That sense of satisfaction when you get a good grade on a test.

Did you enjoy high school? What was your favorite part?

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