Thoughtful Thursday

March 2, 2012
Today was just not a good day. Not only did I wake up feeling super gross, a few other things happened that made it just a terrible day. But I’m trying not to dwell on it. Instead, I want to show you all something that I came up with!
 I wanted to establish a day to blog from my heart. (not that I don’t do that everyday…) We all blog about fun topics from weddings to fashion to beauty products, but I wanted to have a day where we all just share what’s been on our minds recently.
Please let me know if you’re interested with linking up with me next week!
For this week’s Thoughtful Thursday, I wanted to share two things:
1) the origin of my name “The Observant Turtle”
2) the questions you submitted as part of the giveaway
So, how did I come up with my blog name?
I originally created a blog on LiveJournal four years ago under the same name. (I just went back and read some of the posts… oh, I was so pitiful.) It was originally supposed to be an anonymous entertainment blog, but ended up being me complaining about how much I missed Nick.
I chose “observant turtle” because it just seemed to flow… my sorority mascot is a turtle and I am observant. It just fit.
Since then, it’s become my alter ego online and I love it!
Now, onto the questions…
Ally asked:
What qualities do you look for when choosing to follow a blog? 
 Honestly, I have to say at first an attractive layout catches my eye. Usually I read the ‘about me’ if a blogger has one to see if we have any similarities. Then, I read over the first couple of posts to see if I’m interested in them.
Mia asked:
What do you miss most about South Carolina?I miss sweet tea! They don’t have it everywhere here, and where they do, it’s just not the same! I also miss southern hospitality. Everyone back home is so sugar sweet. I miss it :(

Sarah asked:
What are you ideal weekend plans?An ideal weekend for me would be spending Friday night with friends, having dinner. Saturday morning I’d sleep in and Nick and I would have breakfast. We’d spend the day doing something like shopping, going to the zoo or a museum, or a baseball/football game. Sunday we’d sleep in (again) and have lunch with my family and spend the afternoon with them. :)

I would love to see you post about fun things you’re discovering in Texas!I’ll start posting more about that! I’d love to share me experiencing things for the first time (we’re going to the Rodeo for the first time next Monday!)

Sarah asked:
What’s your guilty pleasure??

I would have to say my two biggest guilty pleasures show off my alter ego… I’m a huge nerd. Not just a Harry Potter or Hunger Games nerd. But a legitimate Star Wars-watching, Battlestar Galactica-loving, Comic Con-going NERD. I love sci-fi shows (hence my post from a few weeks back) and  I am really interested in video games (and I’m not talking Dance Central… even though it IS fun.)

I hope you all have learned a little bit more about me today!

What are your plans for the weekend?

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