Things That Inspire Me: Emily Giffin

August 24, 2011
Giffin’s five books, all published between 2004 and 2011.

Once in a while you discover an author that just gets it right. Emily Giffin is that author for me.

Back in May of 2009 I read Something Blue for the first time. Granted I had no idea that this book was actually a sequel and dove right into the middle of the story, but I wouldn’t have done it any other way.

If you aren’t familiar with Something Borrowed (and you totally should be, the movie came out this summer!) I won’t spoil anything for you. It’s the story of Rachel, a lawyer who, on the night of her 30th birthday, shares a night of passion with her best friend’s fiance and must face the consequences. The book is written from Rachel’s point of view, while Something Blue is written from Darcy’s point of view. Personally, if I hadn’t read Something Blue before I may not have been as big of a fan of Darcy as I am. Either way, both women are amazing characters and the story is so unique and refreshing.

My favorite book of hers is called Love the One You’re With. It reminds me so much of experiences that I have had (not as a married woman, but in my past!) and I can relate to Ellen so much. Parts of the book are even set in Atlanta and I love reading about things that I’m familiar with!

I would suggest these books to anyone looking for an enjoyable yet thought-provoking read. Many of the situations and endings to the books have been considered controversial by many, but I think it makes them all the more unique and even more interesting. Her writing style is such that you don’t even realize that you’re reading a book; it feels like you are listening to a conversation. You can so easily picture these situations in your mind and you truly connect with the characters.

While Emily Giffin is not considered a Southern writer, she did go to Wake Forest University in North Carolina for her undergraduate degree and then went on to law school at the University of Virginia. Giffin currently resides in Atlanta. I had the honor of meeting her at a screening of Something Borrowed in June and she was just as nice as can be! Absolutely gorgeous too!

At the Charlotte, NC screening of Something Borrowed in June 2011.

Question to you: Have any of you ever read any of Giffin’s books? If so, what was your favorite and why?

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