Things I Won’t Apologize For

September 20, 2017

I won’t apologize for…

decorating for Halloween on September 4.

being able to rap all the words to Ice Ice Baby… and Started From the Bottom.

being 15 minutes early everywhere I go.

sticking up for the underdog.

hating exercise but loving Orange Theory Fitness.

loving La La Land just as much as Singin’ in the Rain.

going three or so days between washing my hair.

missing the way blogging used to be with linkups and ad swaps and active Twitter conversations.

getting married at 21.

playing World of Warcraft in college and now playing Overwatch.

wishing I had majored in musical theatre.

not being able to walk more than a mile without being in pain. (It sucks, but it’s just the card I was dealt when I was born with club foot.)

not having kids by 28.

wanting to cry every single day that Hillary Clinton isn’t our president.

believing in horoscopes just a little bit. I’m a Leo to a tee.

being too afraid to watch scary movies.

taking medicine to help with my anxiety and mood swings.

loving graphic design even though I’m not great at it.

only writing in cursive.

saying I don’t like certain foods when in reality I’ve never tried them.

still holding a grudge against my dog for chewing up the shoes in the photo above.

having no desire my quit my job to blog full time.

being terrible at painting my nails.

becoming obsessed with TV shows easily.

for being myself.


What will you not apologize for?

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