The Worst First Date of All Time

November 4, 2014

June 2008, we had been dating for about 3 months.

I talk a lot about my adventures with Nick on the blog, but one thing I have never shared is our first date. And let me tell you friends… it was probably the worst first date in the history of time.

We went on our first date in February 2008. I was so nervous, as most people are before a first date. One of my sorority sisters came to my dorm room and helped me pick out what to wear. You know how you try to match your style to the style of the person going to dinner with, male or female? (Oh, is that just me?) Well, this was a hard one because I had only ever seen Nick in a suit. Um. okay. Well, I definitely couldn’t wear that.

I ended up going with a pink/green combo (Delta Zeta, what what!) with a green Ralph Lauren sweater and a pink polo underneath. Super preppy, not actually my style all that much. What was I thinking? Error numero uno.

When Nick arrived to my dorm, my stomach dropped. This guy was three years older than me! I was a freshman, he was a senior. He. was. GORGEOUS. Why in the world was he going out with me? I climbed into his Toyota Carolla and off we went to O’Charley’s.

I don’t even remember what we ended up ordering. The only thing I remember was this guy would not stop coughing. Every time we laughed (which was often) he coughed. Whenever he talked for too long, he coughed. The poor guy was so sick and had the most awful cough I’d ever heard! I’m surprised he didn’t cough up a lung.

Apparently (Nick tells me now years later) I texted the entire time. My defense? I was nervous and my friend wanted to be updated on every little detail. In all honesty, the date should have been a complete disaster and a one time only experience.

Only… it wasn’t. I saw Nick every single day after that for weeks (not including my Spring Break, which was awful and he ended up coming to visit me and met my parents after dating for less than a month.) I knew there was a spark there, and I’m so glad that we decided to keep going through my rude texting and his pitiful coughing.

2011, at the wedding.
Do you have a not-so-great first date story?

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