The Quest to Find the Perfect Foundation

October 23, 2012

I’ve been on the lookout for the perfect foundation for quite a while. I’ve tried so many different kinds that I’ve honestly lost track!

I was always a drugstore foundation kind of girl. I used Covergirl basically all throughout college and never had a problem with it. Then again, I wasn’t working all day.

Once I graduated and started working, I noticed that my makeup would start to fade pretty quickly during the day, especially in the Houston heat. I have normal skin, not oily at all, but I would sweat it all off very quickly.

I used a coupon for the Almay Smart Shade, hoping that it would match my skin tone. No dice. For some reason, it “thought” that I had dark orange skin. Y’all, I am PALE. It did not work.

After I heard everyone raving about ELF, I decided to try that out. I bought the tinted moisturizer. It was thick and orange. What the heck!?

I was fed up with drugstore brands. I just had a birthday and decided to venture into Ulta for the first time to see if they could help me out. Little did I know that the ladies working the make up area weren’t Ulta employees, but salespeople from the individual makeup brands. So of course the first one that I approach takes me straight to her area, which isn’t exactly what I was looking for.

I let her work her magic and actually really like what she’s done. I bought the pur minerals starter kit and walked out, still feeling a little sick that I spent $50 on some foundation and a brush. I just finished using this foundation a couple of weeks ago and even though I really liked it, there is no way I can bring myself to spend that much again.

Currently, I’m using the Garnier BB Cream, after many recommendations from bloggers. I have to admit though, I’m not a fan. I can feel it on my face and it feels so heavy. My skin feels tight and even kind of sticky. I also got the light/medium and I still feel like it’s too dark for my face. I’m not a fan. It feels like I’m wearing a mask.

I’m obviously very frustrated…

I’m looking for something that: 1) won’t fade after just a few hours, 2) won’t turn me orange or any other color that isn’t what I am and 3) doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to buy.

am I just being picky or is there really something out there that can help me? What kind of foundation do you use? HELP!

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