The Perfect Southern Fall Wardrobe #blogeverydayinSept

September 10, 2014
(Again, going out on a limb here and not following the prompt for today’s challenge. Don’t forget to link up your blog post below, no matter what you blogged about today!)

I keep seeing people talk about how it’s started feeling like fall across the country. Given our temperatures in the mid-90s (with a heat index of about 100) it hasn’t felt anything like fall around these parts. But this morning as I was getting ready, I heard two of my favorite words that can possibly come from a meteorologist’s mouth: cold front.

Now I know this supposed “cold front” won’t be anything like what I’d prefer it to be, but just hearing those words takes me back to college and my typical fall wardrobe. I won’t be able to pull an outfit like this off here in Texas until probably late October. But that doesn’t stop me from dreaming!
When I was in college I basically lived in my ponte pants and they still a staple in my wardrobe. I haven’t been too into flannel in the past, but given how popular it is this season, I’ve been trying to find the perfect shirt. The orange and purple in this shirt from Target are perfect for autumn days watching Clemson play on TV. I’ve still got to represent my team out here in Tejas, right?

The best part about this outfit? The whole thing (minus the boots, obviously) is less than $100.

What’s your favorite thing to wear in the fall?

Southern Fall Wardrobe

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