The HIMYM Finale and How I’m Coping

April 29, 2014

Obviously if you haven’t watched the finale and still want to, don’t read this post.

If you know me even just a tad bit, you know that I had been anxiously anticipating the How I Met Your Mother finale for months. For almost two years, it was the first thing I turned on when I came home in the afternoon. I kept up with threads about the TV show. I read theories on how the show might end, and even marathon-ed the show the two weeks before the finale. I was obsessed. Key word there: was.

As a fan of the show since 2011, I was severely disappointed with the finale. It has taken four weeks for me to process exactly what happened, which is why I’m writing this post so long after it ended.

Let’s break it down:

The first few minutes were perfect. Barney’s “Have you met Ted?” attempt toward the Mother, the group’s goodbyes… it was exactly what I imagined. I was smiling from ear to ear.

But then, this whole flash-forward thing happened. What a terrible decision. The entire middle part seemed choppy, disconnected, and utterly awful. Barney and Robin splitting up in the first quarter of the show? Didn’t we just watch an entire season that was trying to convince us that Barney had changed and that he belongs with Robin? What a freaking waste of a season! And how about Robin just up and leaving Lily standing the apartment all alone. The whole episode just makes her out to be a terrible person.

And then… I was hoping that the theory wasn’t true, but I had already prepared myself for the possibility of the Mother being dead. It wasn’t a huge surprise for me. I expected it, but was still angry that was the direction they went in.

But then, the icing on the awful cake: Ted basically asked his kids for their permission to go bang their Aunt Robin. Sure, it’s been years since their mother died. But what an awkward situation!

Nick kept saying that the finale retroactively ruined the entire series and at first I disagreed with him. But I haven’t watched a single episode of the show in a month. It’s been more than 2 years since that happened. I felt so empty after the show ended. Not sad, but like a friend had betrayed me. (I know, I’m emotional, but whatever,)

So what have I used to fill my time and heart? I’ve started rewatching The Office (US version) from the beginning and I’ve come to realize: I love The Office way more than I ever loved HIMYM. To me, the characters are so much more likeable, much more relatable and I appreciate the humor so much more. And don’t even get me started on Pam and Jim. (I wrote a post about my love for The Office the day it ended.)

While I’ve only made it to season 5 of The Office right now, I remember watching the finale and while I wasn’t too thrilled with the last season, the last episode was perfect. There wasn’t one thing that I would change about it.

Basically I wrote this post to say: HIMYM, I don’t miss you. And you were never as good as The Office. So there.

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