The Differences Between Texas and South Carolina

August 22, 2012

I have to say, I’ve really missed you all! Things over this way have been a little out of control the past couple of weeks, but I’ve missed you guys too much to say away any longer.

In my almost 9 months of living in Texas, I’ve started noticing differences in culture between here and my home state of South Carolina. (This may not only apply to SC though. Sarah and Bri agreed with me on many of these points during our date last Saturday!)

*Disclaimer: these are meant to be lighthearted and not mean in the slightest!


1. Yellow vs. white queso
I don’t know what you have in your local hole-in-the-wall Mexican joints, but back home we had white queso. Here, they have something called “chile con queso” that’s yellow cheese with veggies in it. Apparently (I may be wrong here!) the white version is more “authentic.” So where is my white queso?!?

2. Crazy drivers
Ho-lee crap. The drivers here are AWFUL. I classified them into two categories: those that want to go 30 mph over the speed limit, and those that go 20 mph under the speed limit. I’ve also see more drunk drivers and people texting while driving here than anywhere else. I once saw a car going like 45 mpg on the interstate and when I passed the car, it was a teenager texting. Not even trying to hide it. IDIOT. Houstonians*: get it together. I’d rather not get hit by your stupidity, thanks.

* (I know all of my awesome Houston readers would never drive like this, so don’t worry, I’m not calling you out…)

3. Sweet tea
Even though the state drink of South Carolina isn’t sweet tea (it’s milk! did you know that?) I pretty much consider myself a sweet tea connoisseur. It took me a little while to get used to the whole tea situation here. First of all, not everywhere has sweet tea. Excuse me? Not acceptable. Even the Chinese restaurants in South Carolina have that amazing drink. Secondly, let’s talk about how you make sweet tea. The ratio of sugar to tea is VERY important. Calling it sweet tea does NOT mean that it should basically be sugar water with a light tea taste.

4. Spanish-speaking culture 
Back home, we do have parts of town that have shops with signs in Spanish and sometimes you come upon a person who can’t speak English. Here? It’s like every other person! It’s really weird to think that even living within the US there are people that don’t speak English. I’m not saying it’s a good or bad thing. It’s just really interesting. There are billboards and signs for stores totally in Spanish. It’s definitely a culture shock!

5. BBQ
With an uncle in the BBQ competition world, I’ve tried a lot of different kinds in my time. The one thing they all had in common was that it was pork. Here in Texas, it’s something called brisket. I don’t know if I’ve been sold on it yet….

6. Weather
If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that I’ve been complaining talking about the weather here for quite a while. I’m kind of over this whole “says it’s 90 but feels like 105” thing. I’d like to swear some boots and scarves sometime this year. I should be thankful that this summer isn’t as bad as last summer, and I am! But I’m ready for some 70 and 80 degree temps.

7. Personal Space
When I’m at the grocery store and put all of my items on the conveyor belt, I wait until the person in front of me has walked away before making my way to the middle of the lane. I do NOT appreciate you gettin’ all up in my business while I’m trying to pay. Until I walk away, stay at the end of the aisle and look at trashy magazines, okay? Also, when I’m walking in a mall and you come out of a store, why not look to make sure we aren’t going to knock each other down. Be respectful. (Not saying this doesn’t happen in SC, but I’ve seen it much more often here.)

8. Cutting people off mid-sentence
This is definitely something that I, along with my transplant friends, have noticed. Maybe you don’t realize that you do it. I’ve had so many experiences with people here just jumping in mid-sentence, pretending like I wasn’t even saying anything. Not just one or two people. LOTS. Why? Why would you do that? Please stop! It’s really annoying and rude!

9. The Rodeo
Y’all. I LOVED going to the Rodeo in Houston back in March. It’s not just a rodeo! It’s a fair, a concert, and a rodeo all in one! It’s so unlike anything I’ve ever done. (I did feel little uncomfortable watching the ones that involved the calves, but that’s another story) One thing I learned from the rodeo: mutton bustin’. If you don’t know what it is, look it up. Absolutely hilarious.

Maybe I’ve been a little harsh on Texas. Trust me, there are so many things that I love (mostly including food like Whataburger and your yummy fajitas) (especially my wonderful new blogger friends!)

Living in a big city is definitely different than a small town. I have to say, it’s growing on me!

Are there things that you’ve noticed about Texas culture that are different than where you’re from? If you’re a native Texan, did you know about any of these differences?

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