The Best Birthday Ever

August 3, 2012

Like I mentioned yesterday, I absolutely love my birthday.

I love spending time with my friends and family. I love the good food that inevitably comes with said time. I love cookie cake. (That’s right, I said cookie cake.) I love presents. (If you say you don’t like presents, you’re lying.)

Unfortunately with my family and the majority of my friends living a thousand miles away, I was afraid that this birthday would be a pretty sad one. Boy, was I WRONG!

The day started off with the usual cuddles in bed with my hubby and furbabies. However, I was surprised with a gift…

How gorgeous is that?! I was so excited to show it off at work. (I did have to work on my birthday… lame!)

The day was full of fun little surprises like Zaxby’s for lunch and cupcakes for dessert from one of my sweet coworkers!

That cupcake was seriously the most amazing cupcake I have ever had in my life. Not exaggerating.

When quittin’ time came, my phone was basically ringing off the hook from my family back home. It was so great to hear from them all. I even had a little package waiting for me back at the apartment….

A USC t-shirt and cup and a J. Crew gift card? Perfect!

Once the hubs got home, we fought our way through traffic went to eat at Barnabys, my favorite place in Houston.

My go-to order there is the clubhouse sandwich… it’s seriously amazing! (I have dreams about this sandwich it’s that good.)

On top of yesterday being fun-filled, I also received  tweet upon tweet upon text upon Instagram picture upon Facebook wall post from all of you! You seriously have no idea how thankful I was for each and every one, including those from my girls Meg and Elisabeth.

(Even though Meg lives in Houston, she’s in my home state of South Carolina visiting her parents!)
All in all, it was a pretty amazing birthday. 
When is your birthday? What do you like to do on your special day?

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