That Time We Got Reacquainted

April 16, 2013

There have been so many new faces around these parts that I wanted to reintroduce myself to y’all. I saw that my good friend Amy had this cute post on her blog a few weeks ago and I loved it! Let’s get re-acquainted shall we?

The ABCs of Whitney

A is for age… I’ll be 24 in August! (Fun fact: I almost never say that age I am. I always round up. Don’t tell me I’m wishing my life away.)

B is for book… Truth be told I don’t read as much as I should. I used to be such a bookworm! But my favorite books of all time are definitely the Harry Potter series. I’m a tiny bit obsessed.

yes, I had been crying. Deathly Hallows Part II was a very emotional time.’

C is for chore you hate… uh… all of them? Sorry Mom! But in all seriousness, I absolutely hate sweeping or vacuuming. Those are hubby’s jobs.

D is for drink of choice… I love Coca Cola or a good margarita! I don’t like beer or wine. I know, I’m weird.

E is for essential start to your day… I don’t really have anything that I have to do! Of course brush my teeth, but who doesn’t do that? (actually, don’t answer that. I don’t wanna know.)

F is for favorite color… “pink is my signature color.”

G is for game to watch or play… trust me, you don’t want me playing anything. I absolutely love baseball. It’s my favorite. I enjoy watching football too.

Clemson Tigers y’all. Don’t get it twisted.
H is for height… I like to say 5’4” but I may be stretching an inch or two on that one.
I is for instruments that you play… nada! I wish I had learned to play when I was younger but I decided to go the drama/chorus route instead.
J is for job… I’m so lucky to say that I have my dream job! I’m the social media marketing coordinator for a performing arts center in the Houston area.
K is for kids and names… no kids just yet! My kids for now are Susie and Anabelle.

L is for life is incomplete without… my hubby. He’s amazing. There are seriously no words that I could say to express how much he means to me!
M is for marriage… Nick and I have been married since July 23, 2011. We’ll be celebrating our 2 year anniversary soon!
N is for number of siblings… just one! I have a younger sister named Madison. This is my absolute favorite picture of us ever.
O is for other names… I don’t really have any other that Whit. Most people call me that for short.
P is for phobias/fears… I probably have more than I’d like to list, but most prominently is spiders. Even cartoon spiders make me terrified. Yes, I’m insane.
Q is for favorite quote… honestly I don’t really like quotes. I feel like choosing just one really defines what you think of a person so I don’t want to limit myself. I find that I connect much more to song lyrics that quotes people have said. If I listed all of my favorites, we’d be here forever.
R is for reason to smile…daily emails from I Can Haz Cheeseburger with cute photos of animals. Enough said.
S is for season… I love spring! I’d say fall, but we don’t have much of one here in Texas. Fall is South Carolina is definitely my favorite though. Football, sweaters, and hot cocoa. Love.

T is for time you wake up… I usually wake up between 7-8 a.m. on both weekdays and weekends. I just can’t sleep in anymore!

U is for unknown fact about me… Hubby has turned me into a complete geek. I love to play some ?video games. I’d much rather watch a sci-fi or action movie over a romantic movie any day! Also? I look good in a tan. Hasn’t happened since 2009 though.

V is vegetable you dislike… I have liked almost all veggies that I’ve tried, but I’ve never had cauliflower. The color of it freaks me out! So I don’t know if I like that one or not.

W is for worst habit… I would have said biting my nails a few weeks ago but I haven’t done it since March, so fingers (ha) crossed that I won’t start again!

X is for x-rays you’ve had… I’ve never broken a bone, thank goodness! I have gotten lots of x-rays on my feet for my chronic problems since I was a child with a club foot. It makes wearing heels very difficult.

Y is for yummy food… I can’t resist anything chocolate, y’all. It’s seriously my fav!

Z is for zoo animal… most definitely a giraffe! And a turtle of course. The zoo is one of our favorite places to go.

Do we have anything in common?
If you have been lurking, leave a comment and introduce yourself and your blog!

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