That Time We Celebrated A Year Together

May 30, 2013

Since Nick and I were off being geeks this weekend, I wasn’t able to celebrate a pretty exciting day in our lives. Saturday marked one year from the day that Anabelle came into our lives. I can’t imagine our lives without her and I’m so glad that we were able to rescue her! (Warning: many, many adorable dog photos ahead.)

 (thankfully all of her brothers and sisters were adopted and saved too!)
We had actually been discussing getting a puppy, and Nick especially was really into the idea. I’d never had a dog before and always wanted one. Everyone kept asking us if we were ready for such a big responsibility and we replied with, “is anyone really ever ready for responsibility?”
Our only concern when we first got her was that we didn’t know if she and Susie would get along, so we decided to introduce them and if they got along, we’d adopt Anabelle. In the past, Susie didn’t get along with other animals so we were pretty wary. Thankfully the two got along quite well and we ended up adopting Anabelle on May 25, 2012. 

Over the year that Anabelle has been a part of our family, she’s taken two trips to South Carolina, been spoiled by her grandparents and destroyed many pairs of shoes. She’s enjoyed naps, chasing the cat, and waiting by the door for her mom to come home. She’s earned the nicknames “Belle,” “Belle-belle,” “Banana-belle,” and I must say that Nick was the one who came up with all of them.

She has such a sweet temperament. She loves going to the dog park, even if she still sticks pretty close by us. Anabelle tends to approach more humans than other dogs! The day that she finally sniffed her first dog butt was truly an awesome day indeed. I was so happy for her! She’s even made a few friends that she sees at the park regularly.

Anabelle, I know you’re just a dog and can’t comprehend how happy that you have made us. You bring joy into our lives every single day. Your disposition is so contagious and I can’t help but smile when I see you. Even waking up to see you snuggled on your bed is one of the best things ever! Thank you for the happiness that you have brought us! Love, Mommy & Daddy

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