That Time Things Got Uncomfortable

May 4, 2013

(I just want to point out that Nick is the one that reminded me to blog today. +1 point for husband.)

There are a small number of things that make me uncomfortable, but the worst is my serious case of secondhand embarrassment. So much so that my stomach starts to hurt and I can’t bear to watch. Unfortunately, I have a husband that loves to watch videos where people are embarrassed or in awkward situations. Nice, huh?

Nope. Not nice at all.

So in hopes that you don’t suffer from as awful secondhand embarrassment as I do, here are some videos that will make you laugh/cringe. If you do… well… we’re two peas in a pod.

Okay, this one has grown on me but at first I couldn’t do it.

“Hey space lamp, wanna live inside my Earth house?”
Okay, that one is just funny but I had to share.
What makes you uncomfortable?
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