That Time Natalie Took Over My Blog {Guest Post}

January 4, 2013

Over the next few days I’m going to be at a conference for work, so I have some great guest bloggers lined up for you! Make sure you leave them lots of love; they spent lots of precious time working on these posts!


Hello everyone!  I am so excited to be here and guest posting on the Observant Turtle.  I am Natalie and I can be found blogging over at At Home with the Hinkleys, a little blog about my life in Houston. I’d love for you to stop by sometime!

2013 is already here, can you believe it??  I have the same resolutions from year to year such as being more healthy, saving more money, being kinder to everyone, however, this is the first year that New Years Day is here and Pinterest has been in my life.

All the projects I pinned to try later are there staring me in the face.  All 155 of them.

I decided to pick some of my favorites and commit to trying them in 2013.  I deem this the year of the craft!

Here are some of my top things to DIY before the ball drops next January 1:

1. These are fabric covered shoe box lids!  Seriously, how easy is this to do?!  My walls are empty because I have trouble deciding on wall things because they can get really pricey!  So I am going to make it more homey in here and less like a mental hospital with all the naked walls, and I think this is the perfect easy project to get that going.

   Source: via Natalie on Pinterest

2. Does anyone else need help with fun date night ideas besides us?  I really like this pin because the dates are color coordinated by cost, so if you only want to spend $10-$15 you can know to only pick the light pink sticks and so on.  It will be fun to get creative with our dates and not just the same old dinner and movie thing!  
3. I am super excited about this frame to hold all my old ticket stubs.  I am a huge live music fan, and I think I have just about every ticket stub from every concert I have been to since my very first one when I was 14 years old.  They are all in a dumpy old shoe box, so since I have kept them all this time, it feels only proper to display them in a cool way.  And then also our future kids can see how cool I was back in the day…lol.  
                                                                             Source: via Natalie on Pinterest
4.  And what good is being craft if you can’t make some cool gifts for people?  I really love this project because they look super cute (I would love to get something like this for a gift!) and I have to empty a few wine bottles in order to have materials.  I think I can manage that just fine!  It is a bit ambitious because it involves fire and possible breaking of glass, but if these are going to be Christmas gifts, I will certainly be a pro at crafting by then. :)
                                                                Source: via Natalie on Pinterest

Those are my planned creative endeavors for 2013!  What do you have planned for 2013?

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