That Time I Wore a Maxi Skirt

August 9, 2013

I’ve been around somewhat this week, but we’re in the middle of concert season at work so things are a little crazy! I wanted to share with you some pictures that Elisabeth took when I was visiting her in Dallas. Despite my lack of makeup (other than mascara) and hair being a mess, she took some great photos!

I made my first purchase from Anthropologie ever (I know, crazy) that day while we were shopping and I had to document it. It’s a little outside of my comfort zone when it comes to stores, but this outfit definitely isn’t. The shirt, skirt, and shoes (RIP– they were devoured by Anabelle) were all from Target and the entire outfit (plus earrings) cost about $40. That’s much more my speed when it comes to shopping.

Speaking of shopping, that’s definitely not something that I’ll be doing this weekend. It’s tax-free weekend here in Texas and I’m avoiding those crowds like the plague. I’ll put my energy into cleaning my house instead (or watching The West Wing on Netflix… you know, priorities and all.) It’s one of the first weekends in a while that I’ll be totally free (other than lunch with Sarah) so I have to enjoy it before things start going crazy again next week.




Not sure what’s up with my pigeon toed pose here.

What are you up to this weekend? Any fun plans?

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