That Time I Was Six Years Old Again

July 30, 2013

I don’t often sponsor blogs, but when Betsy announced that she was doing sponsors for the first time I knew that I had to jump in.  One of the things that makes her sponsor program so unique is that all of the sponsors get together and decide on a link up at the end of the month. This month, we all thought it would be nice to take ourselves back two decades or so and think about what it would be like if we were six years old for a day.

(my sister and me, circa 1997-ish)

If I was six years old, I would likely be eating a strawberry or chocolate Pop-tart for breakfast. Don’t snub your nose. It was about the only thing I’d eat for breakfast back then. I would break it into a half, then into quarters. I’d have dragged myself out of bed into our tiny little kitchen and more than likely almost fallen back asleep while eating breakfast.

After breakfast, my mom, sister, and I would all load up into our 1990 blue Honda Accord and drive over to my uncle and aunt’s house for a little swimming. We’d pack our lunches and spent most of the day seeing how long we could hold our breath underwater or playing Marco Polo. We’d see who could do the coolest jumps off the diving board and just enjoyed being in the sun.

Once we got home, we would rush into our rooms and start pulling out our toys. It wouldn’t be a complete day without playing Barbies or “house” with my sister. (We had more Barbie dolls and accessories than I care to admit.) Our parents had these huge old video camera and we often spent time making videos of our make-believe talk shows, complete with commercials and interviews with the neighbors.

Sometime around dusk, my mom would call us in for dinner and we’d sit down to eat whatever delicious meal she had prepared. We had dinner around the kitchen table almost every night. No matter what the meal was, it was almost always accompanied by my favorite food: salad. (only with Kraft Zesty Italian dressing, of course.) I would thank my mom for dinner and ask if I could go ride my bike.

Growing up we lived directly across the street from our church, so we spent many evenings riding bikes in the parking lot or climbing inside the (what seemed to be) giant holly bushes. Sometimes my mom would even put on her tennis shoes and walk the perimeter of the parking lot with us. We would ride alongside her on our bikes, because she walked as fast as we could peddle. We’d ask her to tell us scary stories and she always came up with the best ones.

Once we were nice and spooked, we’d head home for a bath (we didn’t have a shower). We would have our long blonde hair untangled by our mom or dad and then put into bed for a story. My mom would read to my sister while I read the latest book in The Babysitters Club: Little Sister series.

What was a day in the life of six-year-old you like? Any similarities with me?

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