That Time I Was Kind of Crafty (SPD Linkup!)

April 11, 2013

If you know me, or maybe even if you don’t, you’ll know I am probably the least crafty person on this planet. I have great ideas, but homegirl can’t paint to save her life. Heck, I can’t even cut in a straight line.

Honestly, I’m not sure what came over me to come up with this. I had seen similar ideas before, but I just happened to have this cute industrial tape and nothing to do with it– go figure.

My inspiration:

Here’s how I did it:
(please ignore my atrocious nails and the faint blue color from my polish… yikes.)

Someone likes to get into everything I do!

Overall, this entire project cost $1 and I’m pretty darn proud of it!

Have you done anything crafty lately? Link up with us!

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