That Time I Turned into a Lobster

June 17, 2013

I apologize for going MIA for the past week or so! Summer is our busiest time at work, so unfortunately I won’t be able to post as much as I would like. When I am home, I just want to relax. Anyone else with me on that?

That’s my huge cup of water while watching the Symphony. The air was so thick, y’all. I could barely breathe.

Even though I had to work shows on both Friday and Saturday nights, this weekend was surprisingly productive! Hubby and I have been wanting to do a deep clean of the house for quite a while, so we did just that. We sorted through all of the things in our spare bedroom and we threw away ten, that’s right– TEN, bags of trash. (Don’t worry, it wasn’t anything we could have donated. Mostly broken plastic parts of random things we had for some reason.) We did this in preparation of something very exciting which we’ll talk about later this week! (And no, there are no babies in the immediate future so don’t even let your mind go there.)

Look what we found while digging through some old photos…

Look at that cute little boy! Oh wait… that’s my husband!

Sunday I slept in and it felt so nice! I also had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with my girls Cait and Lindsay by the pool! We just swam around like waterbugs for a few hours. Unfortunately I forgot to put on sunscreen. Bad idea. I look like a lobster now and even worse, I was wearing sunglasses, so I look like a raccoon lobster. Not cute.

Morning Cuddles with Laser Dog aka Anabelle

While we’re on the topic of the sun, could Texas seriously be any hotter? (Don’t answer that.) The heat index was like 110 degrees this weekend. That. is. ridiculous. I might die. #alwaysdramatic

Anyways… I also enjoyed watching True Blood last night, which doesn’t come on nearly enough. The seasons always seem so short, don’t they? I’m trying to convince the hubby to get HBO for the summer so I don’t have to wait to watch the episodes. Is that even possible? (P.S. THANK YOU AT&T U-verse for having HBO free for the weekend. You are my hero.)

OH! Don’t forget to come back tomorrow and link up with me and Charlotte for “From Our Kitchen To Yours.” It’s going to be awesome!

From Our Kitchen To Yours
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