That Time I Took a Test

September 9, 2013

I’ve been slacking on Blogtember… oops. I’m hoping to hop back on this week!

Today’s prompt: Take this short personality test and respond to your results. (it’s a personality test, sillies! What other kind of test did you think I was referring to in the title? #wink)

According to the personality test, I’m an ESFP: Extraverted Sensing Feeling Perceiving. After reading descriptions of this personality type, I’d have to say that this is pretty darn accurate!

I’ve been told by quite a few bloggers that I’ve met in real life that I’m nothing like they imagine. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing! I didn’t realize that I come off more reserved online, but I’m actually the opposite in real life.

According to the site “16 Personalities,” an ESFP “loves communicating with other people and can spend hours upon hours chatting about various topics. There is no clearer tell-tale of an ESFP than the fact that someone has just spent the last hour talking about everything but the topic that was supposed to be the main reason for the conversation.” Just ask anyone that knows me…. that is absolutely, 100% true. I think my frequent use of parentheses in my blog posts show this to be extremely true!

“ESFPs love people, and everybody loves an ESFP. One of their greatest gifts is their general acceptance of everyone. They are upbeat and enthusiastic, and genuinely like almost everybody. An ESFP is unfailingly warm and generous with their friends, and they generally treat everyone as a friend. However, once crossed, an ESFP is likely to make a very strong and stubborn judgment against the person who crossed them.” ( I would have to say this is so me. I’m most of the time in a great mood but I’m very easily pushed the other way when crossed. I’m sure my husband would attest to that. (Love you, honey!)

Another trait I read that was scarily accurate was the fact that ESFPs bond very closely with animals and have relationships with them that other personality types don’t. That’s absolutely true. Sure, I’d love to have kids one day, but my animals right now are the perfect amount of responsibility and love that I need.

One thing that I disagree with is that ESFPs tend to not plan into the future. This couldn’t be further from the truth for me. I keep my planner with me all the time and am all about the little details. I love planning both small and large events. Although, even though ESFPs are called “the life of the party,” I often find myself listening in large crowds instead of being the one to lead the conversation.

Overall I’m just a silly, talkative girl who’s extremely emotional and pretty darn organized. That’s me a nutshell!

Do you know your personality type? If so, do you agree/disagree?

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