That Time I Stole the Declaration of Independence

January 14, 2013

Last week, I was able to go to a conference for my job that was in
Philadelphia. I had never been to the city before, but I was so excited
to visit such a historical place!

The trip was definitely
full of firsts. My first work trip, my first time riding in a cab, my
first time hailing a cab on a city street. It was pretty neat and I felt
like I had experienced sort of a rite of passage with the whole cab
experience, including one cab ride that was only a few blocks but was
probably the scariest ride of my life.

I didn’t realize how “big city” that Philadelphia was. I
think all East Coast cities have the same sort of feel; it honestly
reminded me of New York City. Navigating up and down Broad Street,
bundled up in my hat and gloves, made me feel like a really city girl.

For the longest time, I had always wanted to live some of my life
in a big city. Even though I live in the 4th largest city in the
country, something about Houston just doesn’t feel the same as these
East Coast cities. The history of the buildings seriously had me in awe.
(I’m sure I looked like such a tourist.)

My favorite part was probably visiting Independence Hall and
seeing the Declaration of Independence. (I really did feel like Nic Cage
in National Treasure.) I got chills as I walked into the room
where the Declaration of Independence was signed. I couldn’t believe
that I was standing in the room that so many iconic men worked in.



to say, the slight dusting of snow that we got was so exciting for me!
Who knows the next time I’ll be able to see that white stuff?

Have you ever been to Philadelphia?
What is your favorite city to visit in the US?

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