That Time I Showed You My Real House

March 15, 2013

Whenever bloggers, including me, take pictures of themselves, their homes, or other things, they most likely spend a little while prepping to make sure they are showing off their best self. Today, I’m breaking through. (edit: it just so happens that Joelle posted the same kind of blog yesterday! Great minds think alike. Also, her photos are infinitely prettier than mine are!)

I want to show you what my house really looks like on a daily basis. Totally untouched or cleaned for photos. Mommy, if you’re reading this… I’m sorry. I try.

Our bathroom counter. I realize that most of this is my stuff. Also, my dog likes to pee everywhere, hence the Resolve. Winter Candy Apple is the best Bath & Body Works scent ever and if you disagree, you are just plain wrong.
Our bed. Hardly ever made. We don’t use a comforter. Just a sheet and quilt. The garnet and gold (aka Gryffindor or Winthrop University colors) blanket was a wedding gift from a friend. It’s one of my favorites. Anabelle refused to move.
My nightstand. First of all, I keep the time five minutes fast so I’ll actually get up and get to work on time. I’m 3 for 4 this week. Woot! The one sock and one glove are there because my dog likes to find things and chew on them. No idea why the tissues on turned on the side or why my sorority organizer is there.
Our closet. Piles upon piles of clothing. Enough said.
Our living room. We took the slipcover off last week when the inlaws were in town so that the could pull the couch out into a bed. It has yet to go back on. We keep a card table in front of the couch as a coffee table. Right now, there’s an empty Guiness glass, two remotes, an Xbox controller and wireless mouse. I’m not sure why our lamp makes it look like we have a portal to another dimension…

Do you have a hard time keeping things clean? 
What’s your one pet peeve when it comes to cleaning?

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