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May 19, 2013

Posting on a Sunday? ME? I know, I’m surprised too. I kind of fell off the wagon of the Blog Every Day in May. What can I say? Sometimes life gets in the way. (although it should encourage me to actually plan ahead and write my posts in advance, but that’s neither here nor there…)

Like I mentioned a few weeks ago, I take every opportunity that I can to give some blog love. (Check the linked post for more awesome blogs!) The thing I love most about our community is getting to know each other, so I love to share some of my favorites when I get the chance. Here goes…

K&R Blog: You know how sometimes in you blog reader you tend to skim over posts and move on to the next? Me too. But not with this one. I’ve read and commented on (almost) every. single. one. Kirsten is one of the most talented people that I follow, both in graphic design and photography. Seriously, her photography BLOWS MY MIND. She and her hubby Ryan just graduated from college and are moving to San Francisco. I can’t wait to read about their adventures there.

Life with the Hawleys: Luckily Darby and I have a “real life” relationship as well as an online one: she lives in Houston and is a fellow Delta Zeta! She’s so crafty and has a beautiful home. I love her posts on organization, DIY, and especially her story of when she and her family (hubby + 2 pups) traveled across the country on a trip last summer. She’s such a sweet person and I’m so happy to know her.

Bella: Elisabeth and I have been friends for what seems like forever, but in reality is only a little less than a year. She and I developed a friendship over countless emails back and forth, but I also love to read her blog. You never know what you’ll get that day: a delicious recipe (her mac and cheese is pretty amazing), a fashion post (with gorgeous photos courtesy of Kirsten from K&R above), or a reflective piece about religion or marriage. Her blog is much different than a lot of the others that I read and it’s really thought provoking.

Put a Bow on It: I found Kaitlyn’s blog after she left a comment on mine one day and I fell in love. This girl is hilarious! She has some great stories and had an absolutely beautiful wedding. Her adventures are pretty awesome and the best part? She just moved to Houston! I met this girl on Friday night at the Dave Matthews Band concert and I can’t wait to hang with her again today at the Houston Blogger Meetup.

What blogs do you love to read? Share them in the comments!

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