That Time I Shared My Favorite Quote

May 4, 2013

Before I share my favorite quote with you all today, I just wanted to celebrate a very exciting day for my little Sam. She graduated from our alma mater today and I’m so proud of her but also so sad that I can’t be there to celebrate with her! I am thankful to have known her for quite a while and to have been the one to convince her to join Delta Zeta. I’m so glad she did. I know you’ll do amazing things in the future, Little.

Sam’s HS graduation in 2009. Right before I said “I Do.” My college graduation in 2011.
I’ve never been one to be drawn to quotes from books or famous speeches. Instead, music lyrics have spoken to me much deeper than anything else. That is, until I read Harry Potter….
The book series is full of such amazing quotes that it’s difficult to choose just one. But a few weeks ago, one popped up on my daily calendar (yes I have a daily Harry Potter calendar.. what of it.) I actually posted it on Instagram and even here on the blog.
When this quote appeared on my calendar, I actually gasped. How relevant to the blog world!It’s pretty obvious why. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the numbers. I do it probably more often than I should. But I know that I must remember what it’s all about: having fun and getting my creativity out. I’ve also come to love the community that I’ve found in blogging. That’s especially why I love the Houston Blogger Social Club. When we get together, we rarely talk about blogging. It’s so nice to hang with girls that “get it” but also want to talk about the things you chat with your girlfriends about. (and for me, these girls ARE my girlfriends, so it works out!)
What is your favorite quote?
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