That Time I Shared My Favorite Moment

May 9, 2013

Today’s prompt for the Blog Every Day in May Challenge is to blog about a moment in your day. I was a bit stumped on what to write about, but then… it happened. My favorite moment in the day happened just as I was thinking about what it might be.

Usually sometime around 11 p.m., the lamp goes off. Nick crawls into bed with me to my left, Susie hops up and snuggles around my feet, and Anabelle goes and lays in the corner on her bed. We all drift off to sleep, usually with Friends quietly on tv in the background.

But just as much as I love falling asleep with my three favorite people (er… creatures?) in the world, I love Saturday mornings just as much. Here’s why:

Seeing my three favorites snuggled up like that? One of the greatest feelings in the world. Sleeping people (and animals… and babies) are definitely some of the most peaceful moments. (No I’m not a creep like Edward Cullen watching people sleep.)

Our house can sometimes get a little crazy, with animals chasing each other, hubby playing video games in the background, and me watching tv or cooking. But I love to savor those little moments of quiet, with only the birds chirping good morning, or the background noise of Ross and Rachel’s arguments lulling us to sleep.

What’s your favorite moment in your day?
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