That Time I Saw A Cow Give Birth

March 18, 2013

Did this weekend fly by to anyone else? It seems like it was only just beginning…

Friday night, Nick got a haircut at this great place called The Boardroom (review to come!) and we ate at a place called Schilleci’s New Orleans Kitchen. It was the first time that we had any food of the kind! Nick had pan-seared tilapia and I had shrimp etouffee. We even went all out and had crawfish dip for an app (delish) and beignets for dessert. (I know I’ll cause controversy here, but the beignets tasted like funnel cake. I really couldn’t tell a difference. Both delicious, but nearly identical in taste.)

Saturday was spent at the Rodeo. Here’s where it gets interesting.

So if you aren’t familiar with the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo… it’s kind of a big deal here. It’s basically two weeks of carnival, concerts, and cows. (Okay, more animals than just cows but I couldn’t stop the alliteration from happening.) We went to see Bruno Mars last week and this time we had tickets to see Luke Bryan.

Before going into Reliant Stadium to see the rodeo/concert, we ventured over to the livestock show. Apparently there is this area called the birthing center… you get what happens there. On this huuuuge screen over all of the mommy and baby cows was a video playing on a loop of different animals giving birth. It was… interesting. I probably could have been spared those images and been totally fine. Anyways, the baby animals were absolutely adorable.

Then it was time to see Luke Bryan… I’ll just let these pictures tell the story.

Sunday was filled with blogger love! For brunch, I met up with Amanda from Dragonflight Dreams. It was so good to finally meet her in person. We share lots of interests that I haven’t made entirely known to the rest of you yet… (aka my geekiness)

I’ve said dozens of times how lucky I am to be a blogger in Houston. The group of women that I am so proud to call myself a part of meet on a monthly basis. The amazing thing is, we rarely talk about blogs. These aren’t just bloggers or online friends.. they are REAL friends.

Yesterday was the March meetup for the Houston Blogger Social Club. There were many new faces there, it was so exciting!

This week is going to be a busy one, even though I only have a three day work week. I’m heading to the Blissdom conference in Dallas on Thursday!

How was your weekend?

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