That Time I Sang Gangnam Style Kareoke

January 10, 2013

I’ll admit– I wasn’t the one who actually sang the song. But I did bust out some pretty sweet dance moves.

Because of how truly amazing my job is, I was able to have two weeks off for Christmas, allowing me to visit my friends and family back home in South Carolina before heading off to Philadelphia for a work conference last weekend.

The trip was full of yummy food, football, gift-giving, karaoke and of course, after Christmas shopping. I loved being back in my home state and reminiscing about growing up. Seeing old friends was definitely something that I needed.

I don’t know the next time that I’ll be able to go home again, so I tried to take as many photos as I could. Granted they aren’t the highest quality, but I love the memories that they represent.

1. Annabelle loved my parent’s screened-in porch. 2. A first attempt at an accent nail. 3. Post holiday dinner relaxation. 
4. Goofing off after karaoke 5. Let’s go Clemson Tigers! 6. New Years Day traditional fried chicken


1. Obsessed with that leopard print scarf. 2. Three of my favorite guys in the world. 3. Me versus Mommy’s rings. 
4. Susie snuggles! 5. Being goofy kids. 6. The best hibachi of all time. 7 & 8. Daddy & Mommy
What was your favorite part of the holiday season?
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