That Time I Read The Prompt Wrong

May 29, 2013

So I may have read the prompt wrong for today’s post in the Blog Every Day in May Challenge (which I’ve been totally awful at, by the way.) So instead of going and re-doing this entire post and sharing songs that mean something to me or bring back memories, we’re just going to enjoy five songs that I’m currently listening to non-stop. K? k.

1. “Still Into You” – Paramore
Y’all know how much I love Paramore. Hayley Williams looks gorgeous in this video and this song will totally convert you into a huge Paramore fan.

2. “Red Hands” – Walk Off the Earth
I love love love bands with male and female vocalists. This group gained popularity after their cover of “Somebody That I Used to Know” went viral (they were all playing one guitar.. at once!)

3. “Cruise” – Florida Georgia Line
Okay, who DOESN’T like this song? I hear it almost every day on my way to work and I love jamming to it.

4. “What You Know” – Two Door Cinema Club
Not going to lie, I’ve been hooked on this song for like a year now. It’s kind of amazing. Just listen.

5. “#thatPOWER” cover by Judith Hill (The Voice)
I know this isn’t really song per se. But this performance was one of the best ever on The Voice! I’ve honestly never heard the original by and the Biebs but I’m assuming this is much better. I totally forgot that I was watching a performance on a show and thought this was her own song.

What are some of your favorite songs right now?
What about of all time?

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