That Time I Missed Home

May 12, 2013

Today’s Blog Every Day in May prompt is a little too appropriate for Mother’s Day.

See, I live about a thousand miles away from my mom (my entire family for that matter.) Since I moved our to Texas back in Jan. 2012, I’ve only been able to visit four times. It’s been so difficult to be away from my family, but also a challenge to be self-sufficient. I lived about an hour and a half away from home during college, so I learned how to fend for myself mostly. But it’s days like today that are the hardest. Those little holidays that you’d want to spend with your family but aren’t able to are like a small pinch in the butt, reminding you that you can’t see them whenever you’d like.

So for today, Mommy, I just want to remind you how much I love and miss you. I try not to mention it too much because it makes me so sad, but I really do wish that I was there with you all. I wish I could cook you dinner on Mother’s Day, bring you flowers, and sit around laughing.

For those of you that are able to enjoy time with the moms in your life today, give them an extra hug for me, okay?

What do you miss?
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