That Time I Met Some Bloggers IRL (January Meetup)

January 29, 2013

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but being a blogger in Houston is probably one of the best things ever. We have so many bloggers here, at least two different groups of them that meet regularly. I’m thankful that I’ve become so close to these ladies that they aren’t just blogging friends, they are real-life friends!

I volunteered to plan the January meetup and I was a little overwhelmed. I wanted to do something fun, but also allow us to have time to socialize and get to know each other on a personal level. Darby was so awesome to let me us her house to host everyone! (Have I mentioned it’s gorgeous? Go see her home improvements on her blog!)

(Thanks to Meg for all the pics!)

Me & my unofficial photographer, Meg

Yay for forgetting to take off the self-timer! Me & Cait

Of course as bloggers, we love all things social media. I thought it would be fun to have a Pinterest party where we bring appetizers and desserts based on things we’ve seen on Pinterest. We also did a Pinterest activity, led by Bree. They were the cutest little bracelets!

It was so great to be able to get to know the bloggers that I read on a daily basis! Everyone is so friendly and it’s great to feel like you already know someone the first time that you meet them.

If you’re in the Houston area, please join up with us! Just leave me a comment and I’d love to get your information for our group. Unlike other blogging groups, we are mostly social. We do happy hours, meetups like this, and we really are friends!

Have you ever met up with someone you met online?

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