That Time I Met a Blogger Friend

August 1, 2013

If you’ve ever met a blogger friend in person before, you’ll know it’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. When you finally meet one of your best blogger friends, it’s almost indescribable.

Elisabeth and I have been friends for a little over a year now via blogs, Twitter, texts and even Skype. When I found out that she would be visiting Texas, I just knew that I had to see her. So I packed up my (not so) little Toyota and made the trek up to Colleyville (just outside of Dallas, only a few miles from where we went to Blissdom only a few months ago!)

Elisabeth was out with her cousins at lunch when I arrived, so her mom took me into their family’s home and introduced me to everyone. I couldn’t have wished for better hosts! Everyone was so kind and friendly and made me really feel like a part of the family.

When I finally saw Elisabeth in person for the first time, it was such a surreal experience! Being able to Skype with her prepared me for her bubbly personality, but it was amazing how easily we got along. It was amazing to have two people with such similar personalities just click the way that we did. The day was full of chatting, swimming, hugs (even her tiny, adorable cousins), photo shoots and lots and lots of shopping.

I only have a few photos to share at the moment since Elisabeth has basically been traveling non-stop since we met up (back to Cincinnati, then to girls camp and now she’s just returned from Vegas!) If you want to see some pretty awesome photos taken by moi, just check out a few of Elisabeth’s fashion posts from the past month. We got A LOT done in the few hours of photo shoorts…)

Pardon my frizzy hair.


We got matching shirts at J. Crew the night before. $7 holla!


I felt like I’d joined the Earnshaw clan! Both of Elisabeth’s sisters, Nicole and Madison, are so sweet.

Have you ever met a close blog friend in person? What was it like?
(By the way… Betsy, I’m coming for you next.)

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