That Time I Made a Playlist… Again

August 30, 2013

Well, you guys. It’s Friday again and I have another playlist for you. (Do you all even listen to these? Do you like seeing them? I really like doing them.)

This week is a dose of girl power. The ladies are all over it for me this week and while I do have one country song in the mix (from a girl who used to be the lead singer of a pop-punk band… go figure) most of these are pop-dance music and for some reason I’ve been into that recently.

I just recently heard “Royals” for the first time, probably like two days ago but holy crap, if it isn’t stuck in my head all the time! The Pioneer Woman agrees with me, so that’s pretty cool. This song is probably closest to what I listened to on the regular while I was in college. I was much cooler back then, I promise.

The VMAs was an interesting night. I’m sure you all have gotten your dose of blogger opinion about that night already this week, so the only thing that I’m saying (other than this) was that Lady Gaga’s performance was insane. (Mom, if you’re reading this, I know you call her Lady Googoo and don’t like her. What can I say? Her songs are catchy!)

I know this song of Karmin’s is a cover, but I heard them before it live when they opened for the Jonas Brothers back at the beginning of August and it was pretty impressive. I mean, I think I’m pretty impressive that I can rap like half of the song but this chick doesn’t miss a beat. I like the original but this cover is pretty incredible too (and much more child friendly.)

If you don’t know, Cassadee Pope was the winner of The Voice two seasons ago. She auditioned with singing “Torn” by Natalie Imbruglia and I liked it, but wasn’t overly impressed. But when I found out that she used to be the singer of Hey Monday, I jumped on that bandwagon immediately. Angsty girly pop punk? Totally up my alley. But when her songs turned from covers of Avril to Keith Urban, I realized just how great of a singer that she really was. Of course being on Blake Shelton’s team brought a country element to her singing, and now she’s climbing the country charts with this single.

I know this Ellie Goulding/Calvin Harris song is old news, but it’s become my go-to song for working out. That’s right– I’m working out. (Okay, I did Couch to 5k once this week but in my defense it has been REALLY hot in Houston.) Do you have any other suggestions for work out playlist music? I’m all ears!

What have you been listening to this week? Got any plans for the holiday weekend?

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