That Time I Hosted a Link Up

February 28, 2013

I’m back, at least for the evening. Thank you all SO much for your well wishes and encouragement with my father. I flew home to be with my family on Monday night and I’ll be in South Carolina until Friday. He had a triple bypass on Tuesday morning and everything went very well. I really appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers!

I wanted to pop in and let you know of an exciting opportunity that I’m so so proud to be a part of! Along with Autumn of The Unreal Life, we are hosting a link up for Greek bloggers for International Badge Day on Monday, March 4th! We wanted to create a link-up that would help sorority women connect
and share our sorority stories. International Badge Day was first
created by the National Panhellenic Organization in 1997, as a day for
sorority members (both collegiate and alumnae) to wear their badges with
pride, celebrate sisterhood and remember everything what they learned
from sorority life.

We encourage you
to link up and write a post about:

      • What does being Greek mean to you?
      • What did you learn from your sorority?
      • What’s your favorite memory about being in a sorority?
      • How has your sorority continued to impact you after graduation?
      • Or any other sorority-related topic! 

International Badge Day is the kick-off to National Ritual Celebration
Week. To encourage participation throughout this awareness week, the
link up will be open Sunday, March 3–Sunday, March 10. No one is left
untouched by their time in their Greek organization–what’s your story?

I encourage you all to link up with us! It will be such an amazing experience to read about each of your time in your organization. Don’t forget to sign up to be a part of Being Greek, a blog/site dedicated to connecting Greek bloggers to each other.

How has your week been so far?

That Time You Shared Your Story
That Time.

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