That Time I Got Cheeky (at Cheeky Vintage!)

August 27, 2013

This weekend was a pretty low key one for me! The highlight of my weekend was actually Thursday night when Cheeky Vintage invited me and a few other Houston bloggers to check out their awesome store!

The location was perfect. Right on Richmond in downtown Houston and not far (relatively) from where I used to live! I knew the area well so it wasn’t that difficult to find. (Meg might disagree since we had to turn around once or twice… oops.)

Isn’t my date a hottie?! The pink carpet was such a cute idea! What was not a cute idea was me trying to put on my shoes outside. It was a little windy that day and well… you get the picture. And so did a few passersby in Houston. Yikes.

I walked inside the store and immediately wanted to start digging. I should have guessed from the name of the store that it was vintage clothing, but I didn’t. Imagine that! Either way, I immediately saw tons of beautiful dresses that I was dying to try on. I got a little caught up with all of the stylish bloggers at the event! Seriously, should I even be allowed to be around such beautiful people?!

Top left: Katy, top right: Hayley and bottom: Miranda
Once we got our socialize on for a little bit, Meg and I started trying on dresses. Claudia, an amazing personal stylist, and Tina and Denise, owners of Cheeky Vintage, helped me find a few dresses to try on for a wedding I’m going to in September.

I have to say the shape of the pink dress was probably my favorite! Meg found an absolutely gorgeous dress and we snapped a pic together!

By the end of it all, I felt like I had made such fast friends! Thanks to Claudia, Tina and Denise for styling me in these adorable dresses.

And of course, what kind of blogger party is it without a photo booth?

Left: Meg, me, Megan, and Miranda

And because Cheeky Vintage is absolutely awesome, they’re offering readers of The Observant Turtle 20% off your order! Make sure to click over and see what they have to offer. (Yes, they even have vintage Lilly. What are you waiting for?!)

Have you ever worn vintage clothing? 
Credit goes to Paige for all of these gorgeous photos!

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