That Time I Bought a Car

February 18, 2013

Usually, we just sit around and watch TV during the weekend, but I gotta be honest… this weekend was definitely one for the books.

1. Late last week I started to feel a little under the weather. Friday night was spent sipping soup (and eating ice cream) and watching lots of movies. The sore throat has gone away but I have a lingering cough.

2. I made my first big girl purchase!! Remember that car that I posted last week? Well, I got it! (another pic below)

3. The weekend is never complete without puppy snuggles.

4. Nick and I had been talking about meal planning and I challenged him to plan and cook our meals for the week! Last night we had shrimp quesadillas… yummy!

 “Take a picture of me for your blog. Are you going to blog about this?”

I am so in love with my new car. My little Honda Civic served me well through high school and college, but I’m so excited to have a “grown up” car now.

I feel like such an awful blogger though… I met up with two of my favorites, Amy and Catherine, yesterday and we didn’t take any pictures! We ate at Cyclone Anaya’s and y’all, those were seriously the best breakfast tacos I have ever had.

What did you do this weekend? Link up!

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