That Time I Blew Your Mind

June 26, 2013

First things first. In case you live on the opposite end of the universe, you might know that Google Reader is no more after July 1. If you’re using it (NOT Blogger dashboard– these are two different things) then you will need a new way to keep up with The Observant Turtle after this time. I highly suggest Bloglovin’, and you can find me here. If you want to use another way to follow blogs, more power to you! I’ve been using Bloglovin’ for about a year now and I have nothing but awesome things to say about it.

Now, on to more important things. In case you didn’t know, I’m a little bit of a TV junkie. But the thing is, I really like to watch reruns of shows. My day consists of watching How I Met Your Mother reruns from 6-7 p.m. while I cook/eat dinner and then watching Friends in bed. Every. Single. Night.

In December of 2011, How I Met Your Mother finally came to Netflix. I had always been interested in watching the show, but wanted to start from the beginning. Once I began the series, I watched the entire thing about three weeks. That’s right. Seven seasons in three weeks. I’m only a little obsessive.

When Nick at Nite started showing Friends sometime last year, I started watching the show really for the first time. See, I was a little young to watch it when it came on TV live, but I vividly remember watching the series finale right before I finished my freshman year of high school. It was a great finale, but I remember not really having any idea what was going on.

I just happened to be laying in bed this weekend watching Friends, like always, and noticed a very familiar story line. In season 10 episode 1 of Friends, Mike (Phoebe’s boyfriend) must dump a girl he’s been seeing in order to be with Phoebe. Let’s watch:

I thought the whole thing just seemed too familiar. The girl, the situation… so I looked up the actress. There was a reason she seemed familiar! The poor girl gets dumped again two years later as Natalie in “Return of the Shirt” in HIMYM season 1 episode 4. Ted dumps her on her birthday, but this time she gets even. She’s been studying street-fighting and kicks his butt right there in the restaurant. Remember this?

It got me thinking… what other similarities do the shows have? I obviously love both of them so much that I watch them both every day but I had never realized how close they were until now!

Check this out…

– Ross and Ted both work as professors after working in their respective fields. While professors, they both have relationships with a student.
– Ross and Ted are both… quirky. They are the intelligent ones of the group and are constantly picked on by the rest of their group.
– Joey likes Rachel even though his friend Ross was in love with her. Barney likes Robin even though Ted was in love with her.
– Chandler and Marshall can neither ever take a good picture.
– Joey and Barney both quote the “Dude Code”/”Bro Code.”
– Monica and Chandler and Lily and Marshall are both quirky couples with very odd habits that only each other could tolerate.

– They each have “their place” to hang: MacLarens and Central Perk.
– Joey pulls “The Naked Man” on Monica, just like the random guy does to Robin.
– They’re both in New York… duh.
– Both shows have noisy neighbor issues.

Are you guys obsessed with these shows like I am? Do you know of any other similarities between the two?

**Sorry for the GIF overload.. these shows are just perfect for little snippets like these…

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