That One Time I Got Stuck in the Mud

February 12, 2013

I hope that title enticed you at least a little bit. I also hope that you weren’t thinking this is some kind of profound blog post about being in a rut or something else like that.

Nope, I literally got stuck in the mud last night.

Thankfully, it was my car and not my body, but then again it may have been easier to pull myself out than it was my poor little Honda Civic. But before we dive into the events that transpired, let me give you just a bit of back story.

For those of you that don’t follow me on Twitter/Instagram, or maybe even for those that do and haven’t noticed, I’ve had my share of car trouble over the past few weeks. It all started when my car was “over the H” or “running hot” as normal people might call it. I don’t consider myself very car-literate, but I was pretty observant to notice this on the way to work one morning. By the time I finished the 8 mile drive to work, my car was smoking and I was basically having a panic attack. Long story short, I had to replace my radiator.

The next week, my ‘check engine’ light came on. I got kind of nervous so I took it to be checked out. Two hours later, I had an estimate of $1800, way more than my car is even worth. Nick and I met up to pick it up and sat at Sonic, eating burgers and sharing fries, and we decided that it may be time to get a new car.

A few weeks have passed and since the repairs weren’t immediate, we’ve put them off to look for a new car instead. But magically, my ‘check engine’ light decided to turn off last week. A good sign, right?

Well, over the past couple of days, we’ve had some rainy weather in Houston. I went down to the University of Houston for a sorority function and parked in my usual dirt lot. Until I got out (and ruined my boots…) I didn’t notice that it had turned into a mud lot instead….

Fast forward an hour. I try to leave and it’s just not happening. Thankfully, two really great guys helped me out. I hope they didn’t see the point where I was sobbing… no, really. An almost 24 year old crying because I didn’t know what to do.

Basically, I was crying because I felt totally helpless. I was also pretty mad that I hadn’t yet bought that SUV that my eyes are set on. (Whine, whine, whine, right?)

(why yes, Toyota. I would be glad to review this car for you.)

There was really no point in me telling you this story except for hoping for a bit of pity and maybe to give you a laugh.

So I ended my night with a Frosty from Wendy’s and reminded myself  that I’m going to Blissdom in March! (I know, sounds weird, but I just found out today!)

Have you ever had to rely on the helpfulness of strangers?

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